Important information related to the tour.

Preparing for this tour:

Please bring your sunscreens for all tours. While you can buy sunscreen in Sri Lanka, it may not be your brand, or could be a local brand you might be reluctant to use.

It is advisable to bring a waist pack or a money belt to safeguard your valuables during city tours and walking across congested areas.

Longs or a piece of cloth such as a sarong/longi will be necessary to enter sacred areas such as temples. It is wise to keep them ready.

Sri Lanka is a tropical country. Therefore you will need to drink a lot of water. Keep your water bottles ready.

General instructions to follow during this tour:

Smoking in public areas is prohibited under Sri Lankan law. You can smoke at designated areas. Never smoke at any sacred premises.

Keep away from street sellers who follow you trying to sell things to you. Do not talk to them at all, or they will assume you to be a potential customer and a lot of trouble might follow.

Save your guide’s contact number at the start of the tour, and call them in case you get stranded.

Do not expose your valuables, including sunglasses and mobile phones, during train journeys when you are sitting by a window or on the footboard, especially at railway stations.

Required fitness level for this tour:

This trip requires general good health, and the ability to walk considerable distances as per each attraction requires.

Information you must reveal before the tour:

If you have any illness that would hinder your or the group’s ability to enjoy the tour as planned.

If you are suffering from any contagious disease, or have signs of any such contagious disease.

If you have been advised against certain strenuous undertakings in daily life or in general, by doctors or other medical or authorized personnel.

Allergies, if any.

If you need any additional or special meals during the tour.

Any religious, social, or personal restrictions you have on food, accommodation, or attractions such as religious establishments.

Any other personal issues that might interfere in your or the group’s smooth and unhindered tour experience.

Customizing this tour

We are happy to customize this tour. However there are some important factors in that regard:

We can add or remove any attraction in this itinerary. But that will either change the order of attractions, or incur extra costs depending on factors such as extra distance added, changes to hotels, and any entrance fees.

If you remove an attraction without a substitute thus removing one day, then we are happy to pass on to you whatever the money saved by that.

Tour customization is only recommended before finalizing your tour and confirmation. We will try our best to accommodate your requests for changes even after confirmation but we have the right to decide how far it could be done, if at all.


We reserve twin or double rooms for your stay.

You must inform us in advance of any other plans such as triple rooms.

Single rooms can be reserved at an extra cost.