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For general information about travelling in Sri Lanka please take a look at this FAQ page.

We can arrange payments via PayPal, or via direct transfer. Or you can propose a reliable method we can consider but it should be legal, accepted in Europe, and a standard method available in Sri Lanka too.

That is not within our service boundaries I am afraid. However, depending on the situation, we might be able to help you with instructions but that’s not a guarantee or a promise.

Yes, we use only air conditioned coaches and cars for our tours. But during any authentic experience you may request, you may have to travel the local way which is non-air-con.

If you want to contact me, the creator of this website, then I am available at

All email sent there goes through me.

After you receive your finalized itinerary and the cost, you may pay 40% of the cost at booking. That will help us in making all essential reservations in time.

For general tours we accept anyone in good health. But for adventure tours or hiking etc we might decide case by case. Generally it’s 8 years to 75 years for the standard tours.

Hotels usually provide free wifi to the guests. You can also buy your own data sim card when you arrive in Sri Lanka at a reasonable rate. Please contact me with your data requirements, and I will let you know what the available options are.

There‚Äôs no specific dress code for tourists or locals. However remember to wear sufficiently long clothes to religious attractions. Anything below knees would suffice, except “shorts”.

You can just keep a suitable piece of cloth such as a sarong/lungi ready for such places, no need to wear it everywhere.

Usually the breakfast and dinner are included in the price unless otherwise mentioned in an itinerary. Only the lunch has to be purchased by you.

We will arrange it for you. We will arrange a good restaurant with a great choice of food, and a buffet. It will be a tourist board approved popular restaurant in the area you visit. You will be able to buy your lunch easily. It’s all taken care of.

Yes. A fully qualified and licensed national tourist guide lecturer will guide you and accompany you throughout the tour.