The Concept

One day I was travelling from Ella to Kandy on a train when I met a gentleman from Australia. We talked about many things, among which was the subject of computer science. During our chat he suggested that a website or an app about travelling in Sri Lanka would become very useful to solo travellers. At that moment I didn’t take it very seriously but I knew that he was a wise man.

The Itineraries

These itineraries are for those who want to visit Sri Lanka without any help of a guide and without any prior experience. The places lined up here are in a logical and practical order so that you will not get stranded between places. I have added an ever expanding blog carrying important information on a wide range of topics covering almost everything a solo traveller wants to know.

Having said that, if you are the type of traveller who loves to be there without having to navigate on your own, then there are some great tour operators and tour guides who are professionally well-qualified.

Me, the guy who brings you this website and its service

I am not a professional web developer or a professional of internet related work. But I was able to create a fully functioning retail software using Turbo Pascal when I was 19 years old, during a time when computer science was still not widely available in Sri Lanka.

I am Indike, hailing from the historical city of Gampola. Since my school days I have seen tourists enjoying this beautiful island, and I have seen how tourism has changed with time.

High rollers who hired luxury buses a few decades ago are no more the main travellers you would find in Sri Lanka. Instead it is the back packers and solo travellers who love to tour on their own, and enjoy what the country has to offer in their authentic form rather than someone’s “recommendations.”

Oh, and did I forget to tell you? I am a fully qualified and licensed National Tourist Guide Lecturer who is authorized to guide large groups of tourists in any part of the country.

The website

I do not promote any product or outside service here. The only service offered here is the Tour Packages designed by me for those who wish to visit Sri Lanka without taking the trouble of planning the tour on their own.

I do not get any commission from hotels or any other places or persons by promoting any outside elements. That’s the very reason why my instructions are neutral and objective, and I intend to keep it that way forever. The routes you find here are practical, and are meant to give you the maximum ease of travelling and more time to enjoy your visit. The blog articles are meant to help you take care of yourself and your budget and to help you take away beautiful memories.   

Enjoy Your Visit To The Beautiful Land Of Sri Lanka.